Horse Riding

Dragon Peaks is well known for its large herd of 26 horses. Lynn Tungay and her assistants, Lwazi Khoza and Vusi Ntuli, run the Trail Centre.

Categories offered    one category is catered for per ride.

  • Level One - Lead rein pony ride for young children.
  • Level Two - 30 minute walk around the Reception Dam for young children or anyone who has never ridden before and is not sure how they may react when on top of a horse.  Small children need to be accompanied by an adult on foot. 
  • Level Three - Caters for those who have never ridden before or who are not wanting to go faster than a walk.  Young children need to be accompanied by an adult on foot.
  • Level Four - Caters for those who only ride occasionally.  The ride is conducted at a walk and trot and the Riders are tutored on how to trot correctly.  Minimum age 12yrs.
  • Level Five - Caters for those who have a degree of competency and do not need to hold their saddle at the trot.  The ride is conducted at a walk, trot and canter and it is recommended that for those who only ride when on holiday, book for the Level 4 ride and advance to Level 5 thereafter.  Minimum age 14yrs.  
  • Level Six - Two hour ride for skilled riders who are riding fit. Minimum age 14yrs. 


•  Closed shoes MUST be worn. No high heeled shoes or Crocs. •  Helmets are provided or bring your own cycle helmet. •  Long pants are advisable for comfort. •  There is NO galloping on any of the rides. The rides are conducted in single file and the last section back to the stables is always done at a walk •  The leader of the ride has the right to refuse a rider who has booked out of their category if they feel that it will jeopardize their saftely or impinge on the enjoyment of the other riders in the group, no refund will be given unless the ticket can be resold. •  Our Indemnity must be read and signed by yourself or on your behalf on booking.  Whilst all reasonable measures are taken to ensure your safety, be advised that horses are living beings and can be unpredictable. •  No alcohol, smoking or cell phones while riding. •  It is advised that pregnant women and people with back problems do not ride. •  Children under 11yrs who have adequate riding experience will be catered for on Levels 4-6 Trails. 

Contact Dragon Peaks Bookings Office for details: 036 4681031 dpp@dragonpeaks.com


Ride, Slide & Munch - Depart 09h00 to Drakensberg Canopy Tours for a Treetop Zipline and Brunch. (Level 4.5.6) Day Rides - Depart 09h00 for Wonder Valley carrying our lunch, returning same route with a stop off on the way in at Black Ox Shelter to view Bushmen Paintings and on the way back for a talk on reptiles at Reptile World. Level 6 Overnight Rides - Depart 09h00 for Ardmore Guest Farm via Drakensberg Sun and Cedarwood. Return following day via Black Ox Shelter to view Bushmen Paintings followed by  Traditional Lunch and talk on reptiles at Reptile World. Level 6 Contact Lynn Tungay lynntungay@yahoo.co.za for details  

Student Opportunities

An opening exists for a student wanting a "gap year" to gain experience in all aspects of Trail Centre Management.  Preference will be given to students studying Strasser Hoofcare.  Contact Lynn Tungay lynntungay@yahoo.co.za