Bird Watching

There are two hundred and five listed species of bird life in the Dragon Peaks Area. The most sort-after are the Bald Ibis, Paradise Flycatcher, Plum-coloured Starling, a variety of Kingfishers (Giant, Pied, Brown-hooded, Half-collared, Malachite), Purple Heron, Jackal Buzzard and Long-crested Eagle.

The parks bird list comprehensively covers these and provides an interesting challenge to birders who chose to hike the property in search of them.

Horse and donkey carcasses are put out for the Cape and Bearded Vulture on the Chateau ridge (the 'vulture restaurant') when available. The Yellow-billed Kite, Crow, Jackal and Leopard also benefit from this food source.

Guests interested in bird life also have the opportunity to visit Falcon Ridge (5min drive) and enjoy close up encounters with many of our indigenous aerial predators.

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